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About the track

One of the cool things about being, currently, a totally independent artist, is that I have no boundaries.

I think it's cool that you can search out "Drew Weber" on Any major digital retailer,

and find folk, rock, country and pop.

As an artist I'm always pushing myself to do something new and different, and Elope is for sure that.

I realized when I started composing the track in my head a couple months ago that it wasn't going to be for everyone, but as every song I write is a lottery ticket, let's see where Elope goes.

And now, for the burning question that everyone who listened to the track is asking? "Weber, are you going to elope?"

The answer is, no... surely not...

This track is purely just a song, about a situation.

Lyrically, The chorus popped into my head a couple of months ago, and I thought, hey, I've never heard a pop track with that hook,


Why are people always saying some day?
It's Friday baby we still got till Sunday!
we could be to Vegas by the morning
Baby maybe we should Elope?

It's catchy, and reaches that person right where they're at, in the car, after meeting that person they didn't expect to meet.

It's serious and emotional.

Musically, it's pop. It's piano driven. It has six guitar chords across the entire track. It's got driving synths, it's got dub step... It's different than anything I've written and produced as an artist.

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