I've been searching for that perfect audio processing for some time now, trying different plugins/settings, and I think, I've finally found what I've been looking for.

When you play multi-genre music from different time periods, you need something that keeps things level.

This sounds clear, and loud, keeping everything level, though surprisingly still having dynamics.

This is the best processing, no doubt, I have ever heard and I wanted to share it with you all.


You will be using both versions of the Audioproc DSP plugin,

from audioproc.ca

Note: If you are running Windows 10, there is a major issue using the licensed version of the plugins within Station Playlist Studio.

Running the plugins within Winamp is the only way to have them see the purchased license installed.

If you are still on Windows7 you will be fine.

I am reaching out to the developer about this issue, and will update this space with any fixes I find.

Update 04-08-2019: To run Audioproc under Windows10 with a full license, the host version such as Stationplaylist Studio needs to be running as an administrator. When running the license wizard, you need to also run this executable as an administrator.

Go to properties of the shortcut for the program, shift tab to the compatibility tab, and tab down to the run as an administrator checkbox, check this.



Audioproc Lite, and Audioproc from

This page.

Choose the "Non-winamp" installs which will be a zip download

Drop both files out of both zips into your "station playlist/engine/plugins" folder

Then you will need the preset that I have created for Audioproc

Download it here

Drop it in you're winamp directory such as:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp

Within Studio in the Mixer tab, have the DSP's like this:


Audioproc lite,

SPL Encoder.

Choose Audioproc and hit configure.

Go down the presets until you are after "off" to 01, "KNST Backup" it is about 10 down the list.

hit the load button, you can also find the default button which will set this preset as you're default.

alt+F4 to get back to Studio options.

Configure Audioproc Lite: Preset list: FM Stereo

First slider 80%

second slider 50%

3rd slider 90%

Alt+F4 to go back to Studio options


shift tab back to the list of players, and left over to main player. Make sure the volume is at 30%, (if you are using replay gane, have main player volume at 40%). The higher the main player volume the more power your audio will have.

You are all set to go within this session of Studio. When you reload, you may just need to repeat the steps to choose/load the preset which I have created within Audioproc if it's not your default.

Enjoy thee all new and unique clean amazing processing!