Tuesday October 23rd 2018



I hope everyone is doing awesome on this Tuesday.

Just stopping by with a quick note to answer the question of what I'm doing these days, in regards to audio/radio production?

First off, I've honestly got to say a huge thanks to all the internet radio guys and podcasters who have  had me voice/produce work in the past. You're projects have inspired me to grow! and it is truly my highest high to assist in crafting epic shit for you all! The thanks truly comes from the bottom of my heart.


These days, with me having a full time position in customer service, I don't feel I have the time that I used to for my love of radio, and though I can knock stuff out quick, I fear it will start turning into cookie cutter work, and that's just not me as an artist.

Most of all, I aim to always please, every time, and when customers come back and ask for a re-take, on top of other work, and for what I charge for work, unfortunately it just doesn't always add up for me in the end, and it would not be fair for me to think that way.


Finally, Voiceover/Imaging is truly in my blood, it is what I wanted for my life/career for years, and I have realized it is not feasible. With the demands of the industry, the professional  side of radio is now more of a nitch market than ever, several companies having monopoly in all markets. Also, being a blind person on top of that, and accessibility obviously comes into play.


Over the past several months, I am really glad to say I've become okay with radio not being, what my life will be, and being okay with customer service, becoming my life, and just as I have with audio, I will strive to be the best I can be in that field.


I want to close this post out, by again thanking you, for always listening. No doubt, I will continue to produce as a hobby.

Thank you for entrusting me with your imaging and promos for years. It has been a huge part of my life, and I will always hold it dear.

I trust another in the blindness community, will hone the skill/craft and be able to provide you an alternative in the future. As for now, I do not have/know any recommendations within our community for voicing and fully producing state of the art Radio production.


Blessings to all who read this post. :)