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"Music today is such a melting pot of sound and ideas. That's how I feel about Why We Drinkin", states Weber.


The track was released to digital retailers on Monday September 24th, hitting Apple Music the morning of the 25th through DK Records, (DistroKid), with others to follow in the coming days. "I was riding to work in a Lyft, and it popped up on my phone. I immediately shot out a post to social media".


Though music and audio production may be Weber's dream job, he currently works a day shift in a call center in Denver.


"The idea for the song just hit me, I was sitting there, waiting for an inbound call, it had been at least an hour. I was thinking about a lot of things. I thought about finding a town that had a lot of CSC's and opening a bar called last call inbound, and then I heard the chorus, it was like FGL meets Tantric, and then a call came in, and I was like shit, I'm gonna forget that".


A month later, Weber hadn't forgotten, and still had the chorus buzzing around his head.


This is why we drinkin,

livin for the weekend,

aint nobody care if we made it through the week yet

We livin for the now,

we just livin with our hands up high,

and when they ask us why,

we just tell um that we need that.


Weber states when reflecting back on the lyrical creative process for the track, "I do that job, I live that 9-5 and that relates with a lot of people. I realized I had something here that would relate, that people could get out there and blow off steam to, wherever they may be. The premise behind the track is living for the weekend. When life's got you by the balls, we want to get away, how do we get away? we go to a bar, and that relates with country people and makes for a cookie cutter country track".


Country music today isn't defined by a lot of musical boundaries. Though Why We Drinkin may be to edgy for country radio today, it not be tomorrow.

The track is laced with a trap style hip-hop meets dub step backbeat with acoustic guitars, that melts into a 4 on the floor, mashing into grunge style dropped B electric guitars. Chances are, if you dig pop, country, hip-hop or rock, you're gonna dig this.

"I play all the guitars, and drums, I write and sing all the vocals. I program all the electronic loops, I record mix and master all my tracks. It saves money and arguments between band members, and at the end of the day, my vision, becomes the music. I had everything but an electric guitar, and this track had to have one".

We've got to give props to Schecter for the C-1 SGr Beginner Electric Guitar, (an Amazon exclusive), Weber used on this track. If he hadn't told us what he used, we would have thought it was a high end rig. And, why we're giving props to Schecter, we'll also give a five stars to BEHRINGER for the V-TONE GUITAR DRIVER DI GDI21! a fantastic $29.99 spent Weber... to dile in that tone and fuzz.

Weber programmed that trap style beet and low end punch in Logic, and then, there was the Banjo..

"I needed one of those too, and when I couldn't find one in Logic, I used the closest thing... A Chinese guitar. I threw a hi-pass on it, it sounded like a banjo to me... It made the cut", states Weber.


"The mix was different from a lot of my tracks, I pushed the vocal harmony's down in the mix, I pushed the bass down a bit in the mix, and I liked it. I tracked vocals in my girlfriends closet. Thanks babe! I tracked drums in my bedroom, I tracked guitars in a fiew off the wall places that I won't mention here... You already know about the banjo."


If you haven't checked out Why We Drinkin yet, ask your favorite digital assistant to play it for you.

Why We Drinkin, available now, from all your fave digital retailers.




It's 5:00 but it's not yet Friday,

I need to do somethin bout this migraine.

Head feelin like it's just go'n pound,

get out of here somewhere in the crowd.

I'll be back here tomorrow,

I stuck it out today.

and tonight I'm gonna make sure,

I'm feelin okay.

Don't need to dround the sorrows,

just need to face today,

Wanna know where you can find me?

Look for those Neon banks.


This is why we drinkin,

livin for the weekend,

aint nobody care if we made it through the week yet.

Just livin for the now,

we just livin with our hands up high,

and when they ask us why?

we just tell um that we need that...

Time to get away,

not dream'n of one more day,

livin that man holdin us down.

Bar tend come lend an ear,

go on like you got no fear,

and pour this bar another round.

That's why we drinkin!


Hangin out tonight?

I'm with all these new friends,

We do it how we do it,

when each new day ends.

Sun up till sun down,

don't get better than this,

Billy's over there and we all about to get lit!

Why take it slow?

when I could take it fast?

race'n this car right off of the tracks!

Tomorrows com'n!!

make it last!!

cause everybody knows,

that we the drinkin class.